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New Study Provides Roadmap to Major Cost Savings and Value Improvement in Key Benefits Services; Typical corporation can substantially reduce overall spend without harming employee value

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 7, 2006--The Washington, D.C.-based Benefits Roundtable announced the release of its most recent research--Realizing the Value of Vendor Relationships: Reestablishing Active Ownership of Vendor Management. The Benefits Roundtable is a membership program of the Corporate Executive Board (NASDAQ:EXBD), a leading provider of best practices research and analysis focused on corporate strategy, operations and general management issues.

Utilizing a proprietary return on investment metric that measures the value generated by vendor relationships per dollar spent, the Benefits Roundtable for the first time can quantify and measure the returns generated through different vendor management strategies. The study found that organizations implementing three key vendor selection and management strategies have the potential to realize eight times the returns of organizations that leverage other strategies. These strategies focus on:

    --  How to optimally allocate vendor-management resources--By
        leveraging the skills of benefits staff members, internal
        purchasing functions, and external consultant/broker partners
        appropriately across different vendor selection activities,
        organizations can realize a greater than 50% increase in ROI.

    --  How to effectively navigate vendors through the start-up
        phase--Organizations can save about four months of staff time
        and more than $3 million over the course of a vendor
        relationship by over-investing in the initial phases of that

    --  How to ensure effective vendor performance
        measurement--Benefits executives can drive vendor returns by
        more than 35% through effective metric development by choosing
        the right metrics to track and by utilizing metrics properly
        to improve performance.

According to Benefits Roundtable Managing Director Michal Kisilevitz, "The general theme we saw emerge from our research over the past year is one of re-asserting ownership. By taking greater control over key vendor selection and management tasks, benefits executives can substantially increase the value their organizations generate from their major vendor relationships without hurting employee value. Just as importantly, by instituting the strategies we've identified, benefits executives can realize significant savings for their organizations."

More than 40 companies participated in the Roundtable's Realizing the Value of Vendor Relationships study, including eBay, American Airlines, Morgan Stanley, The Dow Chemical Company, General Dynamics Corporation, Merck & Co., The Coca-Cola Company, Ford Motor Company, Eastman Chemical Company, Joy Global, and Experian Information Solutions. Results of its quantitative research and best-practice case studies are available exclusively to Roundtable members. Additional information on the Roundtable's research is available at

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