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Riva Partners With Wipro Technologies Delivering Enhanced Solutions for the Wine Industry Supported by Top Wine Producers
WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Riva Commerce, Inc., provider of supply chain management solutions for regulated industries, announced today a long-term partnership with Wipro Technologies, a leading global provider of IT solutions, to develop an integrated regulatory compliance and smart inventory management solution for the wine industry.

Riva will leverage Wipro's technical resources and expertise to enhance and launch its regulated inventory system in the wine industry. Riva customers are top wine producers in the country, including Domaine Chandon and Robert Mondavi.

"Partnering with Wipro was a natural choice for us. Wipro is a world class company with extensive experience in supply chain management solutions. Together, our technology teams will deploy our products faster and smarter to meet market demand," said Anjali Kataria, CEO, Riva.

"Wipro sees tremendous potential in Riva's innovative industry-specific solutions and their forward thinking approach to regulated industries," said Ganesh Krishnamurthy, Business Manager, Wipro. "Wipro is already reaping the dividends with this entre into regulated industry."

The joint team of engineers is focused on providing an inventory solution that will enable Riva customers to manage their record keeping alongside their production process, saving operating costs, reducing fines, ensuring compliance, and making more informed operational decisions through secure access to real time information.

"Riva has carved out a truly unique position as the total solutions provider for regulated industries. The power of this proposition to reshape these industries is, in my experience, unprecedented. That's why leading wine producers are backing Riva's innovative technology," said Sally Chang, General Manager, Sales and Marketing for Corporate Executive Board (Nasdaq: EXBD), and Advisor to Riva.

About Riva Commerce, Inc.

Riva is an infrastructure provider for industry-specific supply chain management solutions. Riva is building regulatory and tax compliance management systems that integrate smart inventory and warehouse solutions for heavily regulated industry. Riva's Advisory Board includes Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of Microstrategy and Vivek Wadhwa, founder and CEO of Relativity Technologies.

About Wipro Technologies

Wipro Technologies (NYSE: WIT) part of Wipro Limited, provides high end IT solutions to leading companies worldwide. Wipro Limited was the first IT services provider in the world to be awarded the SEI-CMM Level 5 quality certification, the software industry's standard for measuring the maturity and effectiveness of software processes. Its clients include Lucent, NCR, General Electric, Nortel and Compaq.

CONTACT: Ela Dutt, Director Corporate Communications of Riva Commerce, Inc., 202-777-5856.

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CONTACT: Ela Dutt, Director Corporate Communications of Riva Commerce,