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Corporate Executive Board Joins Forces with Legal OnRamp, Legal Web 2.0 Collaboration Leader
Company Extends Leadership in Legal Market

ARLINGTON, Va. & MOFFET FIELD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jul. 16, 2009-- The Corporate Executive Board Company (NASDAQ: EXBD) today announced that it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Legal OnRamp, the leader in Legal Web 2.0, as part of an initiative to bring new resources to law department members of the General Counsel Roundtable, a program of the Corporate Executive Board.

“We are hearing every day from thousands of our corporate members, in their legal departments and also from their internal clients in finance, sales, HR and other functional areas, that they want legal operations to become more efficient and better aligned with the rest of the company. The Web 2.0 approaches, pioneered by Cisco and commercialized by Legal OnRamp, represent industry best practice in improving quality, reducing costs and aligning law (both in-house and in firms) with the key organizational drivers,” said Caren Gordon, Executive Director, Legal and Compliance Practice of the Corporate Executive Board. “OnRamp provides an integrated, multi-faceted way for in-house counsel to do their jobs better.”

Legal OnRamp is the leader in integrated Web 2.0 for law departments and law firms. Founded in 2007, it has over 9,000 members, half of whom are in-house lawyers. According to Legal OnRamp CEO Paul Lippe, “General Counsel Roundtable is a great partner. They have the best combination of strategic vision, member-generated sophisticated collaboration and great content. With content and workflow markets converging, they are an ideal partner to accelerate the transformation of the legal industry.”

This partnership will enable attorneys to network and share knowledge with one another to reduce costs and increase quality of legal counsel. As part of the initiative, General Counsel Roundtable’s 14,000 in-house members will be invited to participate in Legal OnRamp, including separate free and premium services.

Mark Chandler, Senior Vice President, Legal Services, General Counsel and Secretary, Cisco Systems, and one of the creators of Legal OnRamp.

“Everywhere we look, Collaboration is accelerating as a way to improve productivity and reduce costs. Legal OnRamp is the leader in the legal world, and one of the most sophisticated collaboration platforms in any field. Having a great company and network like Corporate Executive Board as a partner can only accelerate the progress we all want to see.”

David Curle, Legal Information Analyst for Research and Advisory Firm Outsell, Inc.

“Clients are driving change in the legal services industry today, and Legal OnRamp has played the role of ringleader as in-house law departments move their collaboration into the Web 2.0 world. The General Counsel Roundtable brings a successful peer-to-peer best practices approach to the party, and the Corporate Executive Board is also engaged with networks of other corporate functions such as finance and HR that are in-house counsels’ most important internal clients, creating even more opportunities for collaboration and support.”

Richard Susskind, author “The End of Lawyers?” and noted legal futurist and commentator.

“For some time, it’s been clear that Web 2.0 and platforms like Legal OnRamp will underpin tomorrow’s legal industry. What has been less clear is when clients would begin to flex their muscles and drive change through the world of law. With the engagement of the Corporate Executive Board, acting on behalf of clients, it would appear that time is now.”

Jeff Carr, Vice President and General Counsel of FMC Technologies.

“Smart clients are increasingly using evaluations, pay-for-performance and non-traditional interactive approaches to find and reward the firms that deliver the most value. OnRamp is a great platform for these sophisticated processes and working with the Corporate Executive Board is a great way to expose more potential users to these tools.”

Jordan Furlong, leading legal industry analyst and publisher of Law21.

Over the past decade, two parallel trends have been transforming the law. The first is a shift in the balance of power from lawyers to clients, especially from law firms to in-house law departments. The second is the rise of collaborative communications, as print and email give way to Web 2.0 as the primary legal knowledge platform. By creating a client-to-client knowledge exchange, Legal OnRamp and the Corporate Executive Board have connected these two trends and established a platform to transform the legal services marketplace. Law firms that don’t want to be left behind had better rush to participate.”

Doug Cornelius, in-house lawyer and Chief Compliance Officer.

“Legal OnRamp is the clear leader in Web 2.0 for law. As law departments look for ways to improve quality and reduce costs, this is the best platform for collaboration and sharing legal information. Legal OnRamp is full of vibrant information and discussion of the law by in-house counsel and outside counsel.”

Bill Henderson, Professor, University of Indiana Law School.

“Legal OnRamp is the number one place for thought leadership in the transformation of the legal profession, the interplay of technology and innovative business models. While traditional membership-based professional societies are not historically known as innovators, they recognize the threat that LinkedIn and membership attrition present to their membership base. CEB is the first, but certainly not the last, professional network to recognize that adding Web 2.0 horsepower to their network will enable them to deliver more value to members and continue to thrive.”

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Started by General Counsel, Legal OnRamp is the leading Web 2.0 Platform for law, helping legal departments reduce costs and improve quality through Collaboration.

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